OB14 Layout

OB14 is a powerful new truck designed to provide optimum internal space and yet cope with venues where access and/or parking are restricted. The truck features a single “super-expanding” side. The overall space within the unit compares favourably with our double-expanding OB units.

Production and VT are located side-by-side, separated by a part-sliding partition system, which allows for an open-plan arrangement when required. Both areas feature a spacious two tier arrangement, with the rear tier lifted up above the front tier for increased visibility. This is also the first truck in the UK to feature the new highly flexible Lawo audio mixing desk.

OB14 Production Front Desk

Production Front Desk

OB14 Production Rear Desk

Production Rear Desk

OB14 Vision




OB14 Sound


Technical Specifications


  • 17.5m long articulated vehicle
  • Single "extra width" expanding side
  • Self-levelling system
  • Air-conditioning
  • 21 tonnes (to be confirmed)
  • 2x 125amp C-form (single phase)

Vision / VT

  • Engineering area with 4 racking positions.
  • Typically configured for 16 cameras (plus radio cameras)
  • Evertz EMR 288 x 576 HD/SD video router
  • TSL Tallyman control system
  • LCD & CRT "final check" monitoring
  • VT "Tape Director" plus 6 VT operator positions in a two tier layout
  • 7 EVS/VT machines; plus a further two tape machines.
  • DVD client copy recorders


  • Lawo MC2 66, Dolby 5.1 audio mixing desk
  • 56 faders configuarble for inputs and/or groups
  • 88 mono mic/line inputs
  • 64 assignable analogue outputs
  • 24 assignable AES inputs
  • 24 assignable AES outputs
  • Compatible with VST server plug-ins
  • Genelec HT210B 5.1 monitoring.
  • 8000 x 8000 AES audio router
  • Riedel Artist 128 digital talkback system.


  • 66x 10 inch source preview monitors
  • 3x 24 inch PVW/TX monitors
  • Full UMD & Tally
  • Sony MVS-8000G 4 bank vision mixer (3ME plus Pv/Tx).
  • Vision mixer slides within desk. Desk also slides away from monitor stack.
  • Comfortable seating for 9 production staff
  • Line of sight into Sound and VT
  • "On-air" transmission light
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