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OBX, Y and Z are the World's first full-scale implementation of data over IP in an outside broadcast truck. The aim being to provide a fully glass-to-glass IP workflow.

Why is IP important? Traditional baseband technology is effectively point-to-point using copper cable. This legacy technology requires 4 paths to move a UHD signal (routed as 4x quad-HD tiles). In an environment where space and weight are at a premium, this limits the power of the OB unit. It also means key equipment like Routers and Vision mixers have 4 inputs and outputs in use for a every signal path.

An IP work-flow allows the Production team to produce UHD content of the same scale and complexity previously used for HD and then some. The OB unit can multi-cast in SD, HD (1080 50i), HD (1080 50P) and UHD. UHD content can be produced in High Dynamic Range (HDR) whilst producing legacy feeds in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). HDR is considered to be a very important part of the migration to UHD, as it creates a much brighter image with more life-like detail in the light and dark areas of the picture.

Our key technology partners included ASGB (coachwork), Videlio (integration), Grass Valley (IP nodes, vision mixer, cameras, multi-viewers), Cisco (data switching), Calrec (audio mixer), Riedel (comms) and VSM (control interface). It took a world class line-up to create the industry's new benchmark in outside broadcasting.

OBX Exterior


OBX Production




OBX Vision


OB7 Sound


Technical Specifications
  • 17.5m long articulated vehicle
  • Triple full-length expanding sides
  • Self-leveling system
  • Air-conditioning and roof platform
  • 34 tonnes
  • 3 x 125amp c-form


  • Calrec Apollo 64 motorised fader audio mixing desk
    • Hyrda-2
    • Bluefin-2
    • TR03/04
    • Auxes & 8 groups
  • Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Atmos
  • IP dataflow
  • Extensive digital talkback


  • Spacious 240sq ft production gallery
  • Multiviewer driven monitoring
    • UHD PV & TX
    • Touch pad system to allow self-programming of monitor stack.
  • 3 Tiers of production desks
  • Seating for up to 16 people


  • Grass Valley 4ME K-Frame Kayenne vision mixer
  • GV Kaleido KMX multiviewers
  • GV Densité infrastructure
  • GV Node IP Processing
  • EVS and Sony Servers
  • 32 on-board camera channels
  • Cisco 40GbE IP switch
  • TICO 10Gbe and UHD 2Si
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