VT3 Layout


VT3 is one of the largest and most powerful non-expanding VT units available. The truck typically works with our OB10 which can house 16 VTs, these are operated virtually from VT3 where additional VTs are then housed for editing, logging & recording. The truck features extensive tally, UMD & monitoring functionality.

Fully HD, the unit has a large edit suite area for tape or non-linear editing (e.g. Avid or FCP). The main operational area can then support 8 slo-mo operators and 2 tape directors in comfort. The truck is very spacious making extensive use of flat-screen technology.

VT3 Tape Ops Left

Tape Ops Left

VT3 Tape Director

Tape Director

VT3 Tape Ops Right

Tape Ops Right

Technical Specifications


  • 16.0 metres (52 ft 6) Long x 3.9 metres (12 ft 9) High x 2.4 metres (8 ft) Wide. Articulated vehicle with Scania tractor.
  • 28 tonnes gross
  • 125 Amp, single phase supply at 240 volts, 50 Hz

Main Hub

Individual positions for up to eight operators, plus two VT directors. VT3 typically works with our OB10 (which can support up to 16 VTs, these are operated in a virtual manner from VT3 where any additional machines are then housed (e.g. edit, record and logging machines). There is full tally, UMD & monitoring functionality.


Tape or NLE (non linear editing) including a Sony MVS mixer that doubles as a remote for an ME bank on the mixer in the main OB scanner. Partition with window and door into the Main Hub


Housing system equipment it provides full access for the guarantee engineer to configure and monitor overall truck functionality. The truck uses a Probel router, tallyman system & Riedel assignable talkback.

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