VT7 Layout

The new VT7 is a duplicate of VT6. Probably the largest and most powerful multi-format high definition VT truck in Europe.

Please hover over the layout plan to view images of the truck or watch the walk-round video using the link above.

Key features include:

  • 12 VT machines (e.g. HDCAM, HDCAM SR); PLUS
  • 12 LSM machines (e.g. EVS etc); PLUS
  • 2 Edit suites (1 Tape & 1 NLE; or 2 NLE)
VT7 Exterior


VT7 Operations


VT7 Edit 1

Edit 1

VT7 Edit 2

Edit 2

VT7 Engineering


Technical Specifications


  • 17.5m long articulated vehicle
  • Single "extra width" expanding side
  • Self-levelling system
  • Air-conditioning
  • 21 tonnes (to be confirmed)
  • 1x 125amp C-form (single phase)


  • Sound-proof Engineering / MCR area
  • Probel 202 x 360 HD/SD video router
  • Probel 192 x 256 AES audio router
  • TSL Tallyman control system
  • Riedel digital talkback interface
  • LCD & CRT "final check" monitoring
  • 16 "Remoted" VT and LSM machines


  • Two sound proof edit suites separated by tri-folding glass door system.
  • Edit 1 - equipped for 3 machine tape and non-linear editing. Includes a Sony MVS mixer to remote an ME bank from the main OB truck mixer.
  • Edit 2 - equipped for non linear editing and tape logging. Opening the folding door system creates one large edit area.


  • 14x VT Operator positions
  • VT Director's control centre with Evertz VIP multiviewer system displaying up to 80 preview images.
  • 8x "local" VT machines
  • 16x "remoted" VT/LSM machines
  • Full Tally and UMD functionality
  • Probel 202 x 360 HD video router
  • Probel 192 x 256 AES audio router
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